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Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Suzhou City, 312 State Road, the border between Suzhou and Wuxi two high-tech industrial area between the strategic location. From the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway about 6 km; close to the Suzhou high-speed and 312 State Road Wang Ting, Tongan exports; from the southern Jiangsu International Airport 30 minutes by car; S230 provincial highway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and other traffic arteries intersection Here. Roads, waterways, railways, aviation and other transportation network extending in all directions, convenient transportation for enterprise development and service customers to provide a guarantee.

Jiangsu Province Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is to adapt to the new market economy environment, after the reorganization of a professional manufacturer of a variety of cold-formed forming a new high-tech enterprises; is also a design, production, sales and service in one of the production service enterprises The The company specializes in the production of color steel tile equipment , light steel keel machine , C steel equipment , cable tray production line , 750/780/840/860/900 double automatic color steel tile machine, 510.550.600.740.750.915 floor board equipment, 820/760/475 angle Chi equipment and various types of steel plate pressure equipment, metal cold forming production line. C / Z interchangeable unit, punching C / Z steel machine; solar photovoltaic stent production line; full range of scaffolding pedal production line; full specifications, the various specifications, the whole series of scaffolding Type steel pipe, steel box, steel box, steel plate, steel plate, steel plate, Car, the car board / floor / door, bus cover, cable tray, highway guardrail, fence peach pillars, wave plate, a beam, no beam column arch roof production equipment; My company for a variety of non-standard, special-shaped, special shape cold-formed steel complete sets of equipment has a wealth of experience in design and strong production strength, especially good at wide, thick plate, special materials. Such as: stainless steel, weathering steel, high carbon steel, ultra-low carbon steel, aluminum, copper, alloy sheet, other special metal sheet cold forming. I also produced hydraulic cutting plate machine, CNC bending machine, coil slitting unit, steel plate cross-cutting units and other equipment, and cold-bending peripheral equipment.

Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, strong production capacity and perfect after-sales service system, has been among the domestic industry with strong hands of the forest. The company's products marketing the provinces and cities nationwide and exported to East Asia, South Asia, ASEAN, Eastern Europe, the CIS, Oceania, South America, Latin America, the Middle East, the South Pacific, Africa and other places, by domestic and foreign users of all ages.

Technology is infinite, to create unlimited, the pursuit of excellence, of course, outstanding excellence; Fengyun people willing to provide you with sophisticated equipment and quality service, let us in the common development and progress in cooperation, writing a new prosperity for the great Chinese dream together.

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