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Fully automatic C steel equipment
Fully automatic C steel equipment

C-beam equipment mainly by the passive loading frame, leveling device, punching device, forming after the cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control system. The machine uses automatic punching, easy to operate and so on.

C steel equipment process: strip from the equipment into the tail, after a variety of pressure roller pressed into the C steel from the head. The traditional process, the C- shaped steel need to manually cut after the fixed length, and then transported to the punching equipment in accordance with the requirements of the size of the customer punch, the production can not be continuous, the efficiency is not high.  
C- type steel is a highly efficient economic cutting profile ( there are other cold-formed thin-walled steel, steel plate, etc. ) , due to reasonable cross-sectional shape, they can make steel to achieve higher performance, improve the ability to cut capacity. Unlike ordinary I-shaped H- shaped wings embroidery is widened, and the inner and outer surfaces are usually parallel, so that it can be easily connected with high-strength blue and other components. Its size constitutes a reasonable series, model is complete, easy to design selection. C- shaped steel machine, also known as C- shaped steel sandalwood machine , is one of the many varieties of pressure tile machine, is a basic type of pressure tile machine. And the color plate forming machine is not the same, it is hydraulic power, and power is very large, generally about 22KW , similar to the shear plate bending machine, the general control process is complex, more use of PLC control.

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Main configuration

Main motor power: K017-44-15KW-6P Hydraulic station power: 11KW Molding Road: 18 Road

Change the way: coaxial sliding sleeve, unilateral fast moving roll Material: GCr15 quenching, hardness : 58-62 degrees spindle material: 40Cr quenched and tempered

Rolling thickness: 2.0-3.0mm Blade, die, punch Material: Cr12MoV Quenching. Hardness: 58-62 degrees Bow Material: ball mill steel

Host size: 9500 * 1550-1400mm host weight: 15T shear, punching: hydraulic front punch before the cut. Optional universal knife

C-beam equipment prices ranging from 140,000 to 250,000.

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