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Punching and shearing C steel equipment
Punching and shearing C steel equipment

Punching shear C-beam equipment is a set of rolls can produce a variety of specifications of the automatic cutting, punching one of the C-beam equipment. This product has automatic punching, automatic cutting plate, easy operation, fast running and so on.

Punching shear C steel equipment parameters:

  • 1. Dimensions: 12 meters long, 1.3 meters wide, 1.6 meters high

  • 2. Equipment weight: about 8.0 tons

  • 3. Motor power: 22kw

  • 4. Reducer: planetary cycloid, speed ratio 1:42

  • 5. Equipment large frame: 350mmH steel welding

  • 6. Medium plate thickness: 20mm

  • 7. Transmission chain: 2.0 inch

  • 8. Spindle: material 45 # steel quenched by quenching and tempering, shaft diameter: φ85mm,

  • 9. Roll: chrome 12, ordinary lathe roughing, CNC lathe finishing, polishing

  • 10. Roll row number: 18 Road

  • 11. Can be slab thickness: 1-3mm

  • 12. Feeding speed: 6-10 m / min

  • 13. Shear way: automatic hydraulic shear

  • 14. Hydraulic pump station motor power: 15KW

  • 15. Electrical automatic control system: into the Panasonic PLC, Yaskawa inverter, Omron encoder and Schneider voltage

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