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Cable tray production line
Cable tray production line

Cable bridge equipment manufacturers, Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of trough cable tray production lines, tray-type cable tray equipment, customers are welcome to inquire.

Production process of cable tray production line

Discharge - Guide - Leveling - Servo Feed - Continuous Punching - Forming - Lengthing, Cutting - Receiving

Cable bridge forming machine, technical parameters

1 , within the rise, load 8 T

2 , roll material diameter: ¢ 500 ~ ¢ 520mm , coil diameter: ≤ 120mm

3 , a pair of horizontal roller, two pairs of vertical roller

4 , with the same direction to move, move the function

5 , correction roller: 2 / under 3 , before and after a pair of pinch roller. Power: 3KW

6 , leveling circle material range: material width 420mm , thickness 3.0mm

7 , drive: 7 kw electric control

8 , feeding step: according to the production needs of free set

9 , continuous punching part of the punch: JH21-110

Cable bridge equipment

No. Item Unit Parameter Remarks

1 Applicable raw material type

Low carbon steel, galvanized sheet and so on

Plate Strength Map 350

Plate thickness mm1.0 ~ 3.0

2 production specifications set up

3 production speed m / min6 ~ 8

4 roller material GCr12 quenching treatment

5 Drive gearbox or chain drive

6 motor total power kw about 22

7 electric control system PLC frequency control

8 Dimensions (length X width X height) m35X4X3.9

Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a cable bridge molding equipment manufacturer, specializing in the production of cable bridge production line , welcome customers to visit the factory.

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