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How to extend the service life of color steel tile equipment?

How to extend the service life of color steel tile equipment ?

First of all to the pressure tile machine surface are clean, the machine die stamping process: the motor through the pulley, driven by the input shaft, the pinion, large gear, driven on the shaft, through a cam mechanism to drive the upper slide Up and down movement, to achieve pressure tile.
The indexing of the table is carried out by the gear set on the upper shaft end, the transmission pin gear, and the trough mounted on the hexagonal reel to achieve the indexing position. At the two ends of the upper shaft, Mounted on the same axis with the compression cam conjugate cam, through the positioning rod and positioning plate to achieve the lower mold in the working position of the precise positioning. In the left and right sides of the chassis, the installation of a lubrication pump, the machine work through the tubing to the friction parts of the transport of lubricating oil. Know the machine structure and performance and operating procedures are not allowed to start the machine.
It is forbidden to work more than the minimum closing height, that is, on the bottom of the sliding box to the work of the minimum distance of 290 mm requirements of the upper and lower die after the height plus the upper and lower pad thickness plus the thickness of the tile, not allowed to more than 290 mm, Should be designed in accordance with this requirements, in order to avoid machine accidents. Often pay attention to observe, sliding the box and the body on both sides of the height of lubricating oil.

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