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Villa light steel keel machine manufacturer

Villa light steel keel machine manufacturer, Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of light steel villas, light steel housing keel machine, welcome to inquire. Light steel keel frame can be done under three layers, cornice height below 12 cm, three or more with heavy steel structure, cold-formed thin-walled steel, Australian system, web thickness of one or two layers 89, three 140, bedroom living room gypsum Board, the performance of large enterprise standards; kitchen bathroom cement fiber board, fire and water; double gypsum board, humidity control, fire, good stability; extruded board, moisture, insulation, insulation, low thermal conductivity, Breathing paper, waterproof, moisture will not enter the room, indoor moisture will be discharged outdoors.

Light insulation, design, diversification, corrosion, sound insulation effect, low carbon environmental protection, short duration, can be used for 200 years, , The environment can also be up to 75 years, factory prefabricated, fast installation, demolition utilization rate of 90% or more.

Lightweight steel structure The main body weight of the villa is made of galvanized steel keel and structural plate. The structure of the house is good and the structure is light and can withstand more than 8 earthquakes and winds of 50 m / s.

Light steel structure housing construction fast, effectively shorten the project duration, reduce labor costs, factory manufacturing + site installation mode, product manufacturing and foundation treatment can be carried out at the same time, modular construction water consumption is brick and concrete structure of one-third of housing, Reduce construction waste and decoration waste about 99%.

Light steel housing materials and traditional housing materials comparison: the highest density of light steel material to G550 / Q550, galvanized steel heat 275g, thickness 0.85mm, a square meter carrying capacity of 33-35 kg, Handan Iron and Steel to the national standard, Corrosion, from Taiwan to introduce domestic hot-dip galvanized steel cold-rolled roll forming.

Light steel keel is a new type of building materials, with the development of China's modernization drive, light steel keel is widely used in hotels, terminals, bus stations, stations, playgrounds, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, old buildings Renovation, interior decoration, roof and other places.

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