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Attention should be paid to the factors that affect the useful life of the color steel tile equipment

1. Power and speed of hydraulic pneumatic devices for color steel tile equipment .
In the technical parameters of the color steel tile equipment, the rotor power and speed related to the degree of hydraulic rod impact hardening, thereby affecting the hydraulic system life, so we set the technical parameters to a certain range, can not appear too large or too Small situation, thus affecting the service life of the tile machine.
2, the size of the gap inside the tile machine.
The gap between the hydraulic roller and the hydraulic rod should be kept uniform and uniform, can not appear too close or too far, a big pressure before the pressure will lead to the production of the product quality is not balanced so this is what we need to pay attention In the Caigang pressure tile machine, glazed tile tile machine and other mechanical production are more often occur in the situation.
3, the hydraulic system of materials and quality.
The material structure of the hydraulic shaft making the hydraulic system affects the mechanical properties after heat treatment. The manufacture of reasonable scientific casting process and heat treatment process is to solve the hydraulic shaft when the use of easy to break the effective method, after heat treatment after the production of raw materials will increase the overall increase in the tight and raw materials, pressure, to achieve long-term use There will be no deformation and fracture of the situation.
4, fast material and hardness.
The mass and hardness of the material are proportional to the requirements for the material of the shoe, and the use of suitable hydraulic rods for different physical properties helps to extend its service life. In our production and manufacturing will be such a living that kind of problem, do not panic to encounter problems, to calmly judge, in the early manufacturing should be good, for the unfavorable factors can be minimized, so that can In the late use of the very good results.

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