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Jiangsu Expressway guardrail machine which is good?

Jiangsu Expressway guardrail machine which is good? Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a professional production of municipal guardrail board machine, highway switchboard board machine production-oriented manufacturers. Products on the market, the product quality and service measures to improve, praised by users.

Jiangsu Fengyun machinery and the following products:

1. [C / Z steel equipment]: Model C50-150, C50-200, C60-200, C70-250, C80-300, C100-300 / Z140-300, can be washed before the cut or after the cut, Can be washed after the cut before the cut, can be added flying saw cut. 2. [conventional Caigang tile equipment] models have penetrated 750,840,860,900,1050 type, etc .; dark button 760,820,478,400,373, etc .; wave plate 780,836,960 and so on. 3. [double color steel tile equipment] 840/900, all kinds of tile machine can be assembled together. 4. [glazed tile pressure machine] models have 760,838,840,1035 type and so on. 5. [floor board machine] models have 688,750,820,915,945,1010,1025 type and so on. 6. Various types of photovoltaic stent, roll gate molding machine, door frame machine, car box machine, container board machine, high-speed fence machine, hydraulic bending machine, cutting plate machine, sub-machine, simple discharge rack, hydraulic discharge Machine, finished goods carrier planes, care car, and other cold-bending machinery. I plant is the first domestic use of large-scale production of stereotypes to achieve spot trading Caigang machinery manufacturers, is also the first traditional purlin machine for technological innovation and use of its technical advantages of the rapid occupation of the market Caigang machinery manufacturers. We devaluation in the industry twenty-eight concept, that is, the company is producing products are divided into: stereotypes products and special-shaped products. Shaped products to achieve spot transactions, shaped products according to customer needs or to map, to OEM, to achieve orders for transactions, and also provide pre-sale, after sale and a series of technical guidance, production, installation, commissioning through-train service.

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