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Automatic C-type steel several types

Automatic C-section steel machine according to the structure is divided into ribs and box-type; according to the use of inspection is fully automatic C-steel equipment, cross-line automatic C-steel equipment and pressure sand automatic C steel equipment; according to the accuracy level is divided into 00 , 0,1,2,3 automatic C-beam equipment, of which more than 2 for the inspection of automatic C-steel equipment, 3 for the cross-line automatic C-beam equipment.

In order to prevent the automatic C-shaped steel machine in the lifting deformation, in the lifting of automatic C-beam equipment, must use four same length of the rope at the same time to catch the automatic C-shaped steel equipment above the four lifting holes, Automatic C-type steel equipment, stable lifting in the car. In the installation, automatic C-beam equipment to support the various points with a good pad pad, pad flat, mat real, to ensure that each support point of force evenly to ensure the smooth platform. And by professional and technical personnel will be fully automatic C-beam equipment to adjust to the accuracy of qualified. Automatic C-beam equipment to use the light to take the workpiece, do not move in the automatic C-shaped steel equipment to move more rough, so as to avoid the automatic C-shaped steel equipment caused by bumps, scratches and other damage. After use, the workpiece from the automatic C-steel equipment to take down, to avoid the workpiece for a long time on the automatic C-type steel equipment caused by the weight of automatic C-shaped steel equipment deformation. Automatic C-shaped steel equipment when not in time to wash the face, and then coated with a layer of anti-rust oil, and covered with rust paper, with automatic C-steel equipment, packaging will be fully automatic C-shaped steel equipment to To prevent the usual do not pay attention to the resulting automatic C steel equipment work surface damage.

Fully automatic C-shaped steel machine should be installed in a ventilated, dry environment, and away from heat, corrosive gases, corrosive liquids. Automatic C-beam equipment according to national standards for regular weekly inspection, the test cycle according to the specific circumstances can be 6-12 months. The conditional plant can be kept warm. In order to ensure the accuracy of fully automatic C-beam equipment

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