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Floor board equipment
Floor board equipment

Floor board equipment manufacturers / floor board machine prices

The floorboard equipment is a set of equipment for the production of steel structure floor board. The equipment adopts high level automatic industrial PLC control to realize the full control operation and production, which can precisely control the size and production speed of the floor board and easy to maintain. The products produced by the floor board forming machine have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, bearing capacity and good shock resistance. The products are widely used in the steel structure construction field.


    Floor board equipment manual billet, billet work procedures:

1 , before the use of equipment, to check whether the connection is reliable, the installation of bolts, nuts are tightened, left and right chassis should be filled with lubricating oil, in order to power the machine to start the test. The first empty car running carefully observed, with or without vibration, noise, oil window is to oil, the movement of the parts are coordinated, all normal to install the mold.

2 , the installation of mold, you must cut off the power, with the manual movement of the motor belt or large gear, the table position, and the slider to the highest point. It is best to use an object to support the table and the bottom of the slide between the slide to prevent the natural fall, resulting in accidents.

3, the machine used in the mold to be an upper die and six the same size of the lower mold, the first installation of a mold and a lower mold, the lower mold directly installed in the six-wheel runner table, the mold installed in the bottom of the slide , And place the appropriate thickness of the pad, to ensure that the upper and lower mold mold, the four sides of the gap evenly, the distance between the upper and lower mold is equal to the thickness of the required tile. And then the above model prevail, the table transposition, the installation of the remaining five to pay the next model, all installed up and down after the mold can drive to tile.

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