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Triangle card type light steel keel machine
Triangle card type light steel keel machine

Triangle card type light steel keel machine (The products are: light steel keel, paint keel, card keel, all kinds of building profiles, steel, steel door frame profiles, etc.) and different specifications (the use of steel products as the raw material, through continuous cold rolling molding, production of complex cross-section profiles Of the cold bending, paint unit equipment, the use of PLC control . Light steel villa keel machine is the use of advanced counting machine-aided design and auxiliary manufacturing technology, according to design requirements and installation requirements for rational design, in the drawing at the same time in accordance with the building structure, interior design, landscape design, 2D modeling, 3D modeling, and 3D animation in the keel details of the design and even in accordance with the details of accurate production. Automatic production facilities can be estimated, accurate calculation and other numerical control procedures. And with other building materials, such as mechanical combination (floor board machine, Caiwa machine, etc.), to achieve a reasonable structure, easy installation, environmental comfort and so on.

Triangle card type light steel keel equipment components: discharge machine, guide the frame, forming the host, calibration device, cut off part of the cut, the receiving station, electrical control part and so on.

Triangular card light steel keel machine conventional parameters:

1. Unit rolling capacity: width ≤ 150mm, plate thickness 0.6-2.0mm

2. Production speed: 6-13 m / min

3. Total installed capacity: about 5.5kw

4. Production area: 15 meters long and 2.5 meters wide

1. Equipment control for the PLC control, in the normal production of multiple security protection.

2. The bed is made of steel plate. And for tempering, to eliminate internal stress, to avoid the deformation of the fuselage.

3. Molding frame for the cast iron structure, and by tempering treatment. High strength, long service life.

4. Roller shaft material is 40Cr , and quenched and tempered, the hardness of HB280 .

5. Forming mold material GCr15, quenching, hardness: HRC56-62 ℃.

6. Transmission structure for the gear box drive. Each molding rack has light steel keel machine. Can ensure that equipment over time, high-intensity operation, and long service life.

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