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820/760/475 angle Chi equipment
820/760/475 angle Chi equipment

The machine is composed of several parts: the loading frame, the loading frame support, the material import platform, the forming host, the forming cutting device, the hydraulic station and the computer control box.

360 degrees bite 475.760.820 angle Chi pressure tile machine, are efficient economic cutting profile, because the cross-section shape is reasonable, they can make steel to achieve higher performance, improve the ability to cut capacity.

The advantages of angle gallop steel tile:

1, light seismic: angle Chi color steel tile equipment and clay solid brick more than ten times lighter than the hollow block light 100kg / ㎡ above, handling the big beam, big hanging, deep bottom of the question, plate column Connection with excellent seismic function, not only practical for low-rise buildings, but also for high-rise buildings, soft geology and sandy shore, shake in the construction. 2, sound insulation and good function: the plate inside the closed microporous structure, effectively cut off the sound transmission and sound-absorbing two-tier function, sound insulation ≥ 40dB, waterproof, moisture, anti-freeze-thaw have reached the standard. 3, add the application area: wall thin, can be added to the application area of ​​3 to 6% or more. 4, the assembly and processing function: wall panels can be sawed, can be nailed, drill, can be cut at random, casually create a building pattern. 5, the construction of rapid: dry work, easy to install, than the block wall more than 6 times faster, can greatly shorten the duration. 6, the appearance of decoration function: light partition wall appearance flatness, after filling can be directly posted wallpaper, wall and spray. 7, the induction cost is low: because the beam and the foundation to reduce the load, the construction of fast, short cycle, than the clay brick, hollow block to reduce the project cost 20%

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