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Glazed tile equipment
Glazed tile equipment

Glazed tile machine / glazed tile forming equipment

Glazed tile machine includes : simple loading frame molding host hydraulic shear hydraulic pump station computer control box simple discharge platform. 820 type glazed tile pressure machine equipment production 820 glazed tile pressure type for the five peaks three tendons, the peak height of 23mm , the peak distance of 205mm shape after the type of effective lap width of 820mm

The technical parameters of the glazed tile machine are as follows :

1 , glazed tile machine Dimensions : length 7800mm × width 1450mm × high 1124mm

2 , glazed tile machine maximum speed : 10m / min. Forming color plate thickness : 0.3-0.8mm

3 , forming color steel plate expansion width : 1000mm. Forming glazed tile effective width : 820mm, deviation ± 1/100

4 , forming glazed tile wave height : 23mm, deviation 28-0.3. Roll shaft diameter : Φ 70mm

5 , computer operation panel , the text of the screen . Using automatic industrial computer control system, PLC Taiwan Taiwan Delta brand, accurate calculation of the board length and shear accuracy

The maximum loading width of 1250mm, the maximum load weight 6000kg, rolling speed can reach 2-6 m / min.

    The glazed tiles are made of pavilions, hotels, exhibition halls, garden-like factories, tourist scenic spots, resorts, resorts and so on . They are widely used in pavilions, , Home and other architectural and outdoor decoration .


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