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Jiangsu color steel tile equipment and Hebei color steel tile equipment What is the difference

What is the difference between Jiangsu's color steel tile equipment and Hebei's color steel tile equipment?

From the Jiangsu and Hebei industrial development level is relatively large gap, the level of industrial development is a comprehensive factor. Industry scale indicators. Industrial scale indicators are from the overall side to reflect the status of industrial development, can reflect the historical accumulation of industrial development. Speed ​​and efficiency indicators. The moderate growth of industrial production is the material basis and prerequisite for industrial development, which is particularly important for Jiangxi, which is still in the stage of accelerating industrialization. Benefit is the key to the realization of benign circulation and healthy development of industry. Therefore, the realization of speed and efficiency of organic unity, is to enhance the level of industrial development focus and key points. Structural adjustment and optimization index. Industrial structure reflects the production factors in the industry, business, regional configuration between the state and the overall level of development of industry. Optimization and upgrading of industrial structure is an important manifestation of industrial development. Indicators of technological innovation capability. An important aspect of industrial development and upgrading is the continuous improvement of industrial technological innovation capability. Improve the ability of industrial science and technology innovation, is to take the connotation of the road of development and promote industrial transformation and upgrading of the fundamental requirements. Resource conservation and environment-friendly indicators. To realize the harmonious development of industrial economy, resources and environment, it is the fundamental way to alleviate the contradiction of resource constraints and realize the industrial development and upgrading. It is necessary to improve the level of intensive and comprehensive utilization of resources and effectively control the discharge of pollutants. On the basis of resource conservation and environment- Enhance the sustainable development of industry capacity. Two fusion indicators. To promote industrialization of information technology, to promote the industrialization of information technology, take a new road to industrialization is an effective way to achieve industrial development and upgrading. Information technology, information products, information resources, information technology and other information elements, in industrial technology, industrial products, industrial equipment, industrial management, industrial infrastructure and other aspects of penetration and integration, can greatly enhance the production, Management level.

Of course, there are many enterprises in Hebei, the level of industrialization is very high Overall, it is not as good as Jiangsu.

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