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Color steel tile equipment alone market grace

Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce you to color steel tile equipment . Color steel tile molding machine advantages Caigang machinery products to meet the domestic market at the same time, to develop the international market. Color steel tile molding machine can produce both ordinary color steel tile, glazed tiles; but also produce high strength, good insulation performance bearing plate. The application range of color steel tile molding machine. Products are widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises civilian buildings. This machine is mainly used in color steel tile profiles, roll, forming, blocking, automatic stacking. Third, concerned about the color of steel tile equipment sales market is broad. Characteristics of color steel tile forming machine . With a rich color, long life, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, construction convenience, light weight and other characteristics according to the use and convergence of different ways can be divided into ordinary lap type, buckle type, The first two rows of four corners from the big frame to the top of the axis of the same amount of high, and then from the first row to the last row, find a straight line, check, the next axis Whether in a straight line, the lower axis of the left and right sides into the level. The first work after the crushing machine is transported to the site is to find a good level, otherwise it is easy to fracture the color plate. The second is to wipe the surface of the roller roller, to prevent other impurities slip bad color steel plate surface. Fully automatic tile machine operation is very simple, as long as the input number, you can get the same length, no skilled workers can also operate and produce.

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