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The central bank 6 trillion, color steel tile equipment manufacturers where to go

The central bank 6 trillion, color steel tile equipment manufacturers where to go

September 30 at 5 pm, the People's Bank of China through the "urgent document", announced the targeted reduction. The specific content is as follows:

The first is not 0.5 percentage points, the central bank is the lowest of the two files is 0.5 percentage points; the maximum intensity is 1.5 percentage points. Almost covering the vast majority of banking institutions, basically equivalent to a comprehensive reduction. In other words, the release of the base currency may reach or exceed 110 billion! According to the current 5.3 times the money multiplier, theoretically can create 6 trillion base currency. Economic data fell in August, a substantial slowdown in industrial production has become a reality. September data has not come out of the case, the introduction of "comprehensive reduction" measures, can be expected in September data will fall further, so that the central mother so expedited targeted, with such a strong medicine. Just a weak economy can withstand such a big complement, really need to be considered. This trend is a relatively small policy for small business loans, individual industrial and commercial households, farmers and other areas to take a more favorable policy is to guide the flow of funds to small business entities a pragmatic move, but also trying to save the entity through the monetary easing efforts. Very often, the starting point is good, but not necessarily good things, do not necessarily have effect, late rescue is not called rescue. Today, the difficulties of small and medium enterprises, in the original large-scale credit to real estate developers, buyers have been doomed.

Color steel tile equipment manufacturing enterprises unable to borrow: for a sun exposure dry and died cabbage, even if you pour more water, but also nothing, in addition to speeding the decay of the decoction does not make any sense. For those who have long been debt-ridden, dying entity enterprises, in the need for loans when no banks are willing to lend, a large number of small and medium enterprises shut down shut down, cut production cuts, more through the civil usury in the hard to maintain , Which is the status of the current entity enterprises. Even if the central mother to reduce the risk of commercial banks to support the purpose of the entity to be implemented, the entity has been unable to bear more debt. Rents rise in labor costs, shrinking exports, the appreciation of the exchange rate and the usury debt pressure, has let the death of small and medium enterprises die, down the inverted, there is no desire to borrow and power, but also not the ability to account, Difficult to save the effect of the entity, the idea of ​​the mother is just wishful thinking.

Iron ore, coal, natural rubber, paper and other raw materials usher in the "collective price" trend, affecting the market nerve. In the inventory and environmental protection storms bombing, iron ore, coal, natural rubber, paper and other raw materials usher in the "collective price" trend, affecting the market nerve. From 2016 onwards, industrial raw material prices against the economic cycle, launched a crazy up the pattern. More than a year, rebar prices rose from 1,800 yuan / ton to 2017 in early September 3800 yuan / ton, or 110%; coking coal prices from 600 yuan / ton rose to 1,300 yuan in early September / ton, or 110%; rubber prices from 90 million yuan / ton, all the way up to the highest of 17.8 million yuan / ton, or 100% ... ... raw material prices rose sharply for the upstream to the inventory, debt out to provide a good opportunity, but to Anti-risk ability is poor, can not be the price to the downstream transmission of small and medium enterprises brought disaster. With the rising prices of raw materials, small and medium enterprises profit margins are squeezed, and many even lose money to maintain the closure of small and medium enterprises come and go. The face of more than 10% of raw material prices, in the absence of interest rate cuts under the premise of the central bank to reduce the role of the standard is basically a drop in the bucket.

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