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After the National Day, Caigang tile equipment manufacturers pressure

After the National Day, the color steel tile equipment manufacturers increased pressure, mainly in the production capacity, and raw material prices and transportation costs. With the production enterprises to raise awareness of production efficiency, rolling equipment, such as pressure tile machine, c steel equipment and other high efficiency of production requirements, such as the past 10 meters per minute pressure tile machine equipment, will gradually be eliminated , Replaced by the production of faster, less energy consumption of the new tile machine. And in the past the production of old-fashioned tile machine is bound to increase inventory.

September China National Bureau of Statistics data show that China's manufacturing purchasing index (PMI) is about 50%, basically unchanged from last month, continue to maintain expansion, production and demand growth is stable, there are signs of steady stabilization. In September, manufacturing production maintained steady growth, the production index was 52.8%, up 0.2 percentage points from the previous month, rising for two consecutive months. Driven by the rebound in production, raw material purchase price index rose to nearly 5 months to a high of 57.5%, higher than last month 0.3 percentage points. High-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industry continued to maintain rapid growth. Among them, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, railways, ships, aerospace equipment manufacturing, computer communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry PMI are more than 52.0%. In addition, in September, both imports and exports rebounded back to the expansion range. It is noteworthy that the production and operation of the more difficult to the task of heavy production capacity, the basis for stable growth in manufacturing is not solid. Reflecting the raw material prices and transportation costs rose the proportion of enterprises increased for two consecutive months, the cost of enterprises is still lower cost. In addition, the manufacturing industry is still in the stage of structural adjustment, the traditional industry overcapacity is particularly prominent, to produce pressure is still large. Press enterprises should seize the opportunity to increase exports, internal technological innovation, reduce inventory and maintain performance growth.

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