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Fully automatic stepless cut with punching C steel equipment how much money? what price?

Fully automatic stepless cut with punching C steel equipment how much money? what price? Many people want to know a punch with a fully automatic cut C steel equipment how much money, in fact, this with your C-shaped steel material thickness also has a great relationship. Including the work of equipment, and C-shaped steel products are fine fine relationship.

Automatic stepless die with punching C-type equipment technical parameters 1,160; equipment total power 90KW . 2,160; large rolling height 85mm , 3,160; * large rolling thickness of 4.0mm , 4,160; * large rolling speed of 15m per minute. 5,160; welding frame structure and materials must meet the requirements, welding to meet the national requirements of welding standards. 6,160; equipment by rust treatment, the first coated steel special anti-rust paint, anti-rust paint must cover a comprehensive, and then coated with high quality finish. Rotation part of the application of warning color distinction. Automatic stepless cutting belt punching C-beam machine has the following advantages: 1. Equipment control for the PLC control, in the normal production of multiple security protection. 2. The bed is made of steel plate. And for tempering, to eliminate internal stress, to avoid the deformation of the fuselage. 3. Molding frame for the cast iron structure, and by tempering treatment. High strength, long service life. 4. Roller shaft material is 40Cr , and quenched and tempered, the hardness of HB280 . 5. Molding material of the material GCr15, quenching, hardness: HRC56-62 ℃. 6. Transmission structure for the chain or gearbox drive. Each molding rack has a gearbox, can ensure that equipment over time, high-intensity operation, and long service life.

Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. production of automatic stepless cutting belt punching C-shaped steel market price of 14 yuan between 32 yuan, according to the material thickness, production speed and other factors. Welcome customers to inquire.

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