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Jiangsu glazed tile machine demand is growing

Jiangsu glazed tile machine demand is growing, with the development of color steel industry, and more began to use color steel tile for steel construction, instead of the traditional roof construction, especially in Jiangsu and more began to use glazed tiles for housing construction. Subsequently, glazed tile equipment demand is also growing. Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., aimed at market opportunities, the development of glazed tile market.

Caigang glazed tile also known as antique color steel glazed tiles, is a new type of building materials, both to retain the traditional ceramic tile shape, elegant classical traditional beauty, but also with the material light, high strength characteristics. The unit quality is only 1/10 of the ceramic tile has reached the strength of the ceramic tile can not be achieved. Has a strong wind resistance and weather resistance. Various colors of the substrate can be processed, matt, light color diversification. Life of up to three decades. Product anti-corrosion anti-rust coating treatment to protect the product life. Excellent water resistance: seamless connection on the slope, the entire tile of the combination of interference, a complete seal fixed components, with the other building roof materials are not waterproof. Construction time is short, reduce the cost: the largest site to meet the requirements of the construction unit to reduce the construction intensity and improve construction efficiency, and construction is not affected by the season. The tile shape, imitation ancient glazed tile, the material selected 0.3-0.7 thick color steel plate, rich color, corrosion resistance, set light, high strength, decoration as a whole, with a soft curve, obvious ladder, very three-dimensional reproduction The ancient tile effect, the weight per square meter is only 6-10 kg. Strong connection can be fully able to withstand the roof load; unique air layer to improve the thermal insulation performance; tile itself has a waterproof trough with good waterproof features, very suitable for light steel structure, concrete structure, wood structure and other roof Or the transformation of the old city of Ping Ping slope project.

Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. production of 828.840.1025 and other models of automatic color steel glazed tile machine. With the glazed tile machine Product parameters Reference: 1, discharge rack Dimensions: length 860mm × width 1450mm × height 1124mm2, molding machine maximum speed: 10m / min3, forming color plate thickness: 0.5-0.6mm4, forming color plate expansion width: 1000mm 5, forming glazed tile Effective width: 828mm, deviation ± 1/1006, forming glazed tile wave height: 28mm, deviation 28-0.37, forming frame: 14 Road 8, forming frame Dimensions: length 8268mm × width 1486mm × height 897mm9, Punching machine Dimensions: length 477mm × width 1380mm × height 837mm10, the main motor power: 3.7KW11, roll material: 45 # steel by CNC machining, polished, the appearance of chrome plated 0.05mm12, roll shaft diameter: Φ70mm13, cycloid The machine adopts the imported PLC17, the computer operation panel, the text screen 18, the unit includes: forming host, hydraulic station, discharge rack, Forming scissors, control box, out of the shelf. The maximum loading width of 1250mm, the maximum load weight 6000kg, rolling speed can reach 2-6 m / min

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