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C-beam equipment in light steel structure is indispensable

C-type steel equipment in the light steel structure is indispensable, cold-formed steel is the main material for the production of light steel structure, the use of steel or strip cold-formed. Jiangsu Fenyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. production of C-beam equipment rolling C-shaped steel products with good bending performance, flatness, and can automatically fixed length cutting, automatic punching, a high degree of automation. C steel equipment in the steel structure should be cut off as much as possible in the shearing machine, Especially for thin-walled steel roof truss, because the cutting requirements are accurate, it is best to use electric sawing method, not only high efficiency, and smooth section, good quality, length error can be controlled within ± 1mm, can also be used to improve gas cutting Quality, should adopt a small diameter nozzle, and after the cut with a hammer gently tapping, so that the formation of incision to clear the slag to ensure the quality of welding. C-type steel equipment installation fast and convenient, I can produce equipment C steel can be used as large and medium-sized industrial civil construction of the main force structure, such as plant, warehouse, garage, hangar, exhibition hall, theater, sports venues, Of the roof load and wall support. I produced the C-beam equipment greatly simplifies the production process, improve production efficiency. Can be used to produce the general hot rolling method is difficult to produce uniform wall thickness but complex cross-sectional shape of the various profiles and different materials, cold-formed color steel equipment. Cold-formed steel is the main material for making light steel structure, made of cold-formed steel plate or strip. But because of the multi-link suspension structure is complex, high cost, parts and more,

Assembly time-consuming, and to achieve the durability of non-independent suspension, always need to keep the link is not deformed, do not shift, color steel equipment in the use of materials and structural optimization are very elegant.

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