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Motor Maintenance of Cable Tray Production Line

Cable bridge production line is specialized in the manufacture of trough cable tray, T-cable bridge, mesh cable tray roll forming equipment. In the production process, because the user's attention caused by the damage caused by serious equipment, then need to pay attention to what the content? First of all, the cable cable production line of the motor around the dry and humid cable bridge production line will greatly reduce the life of the motor, the air inlet, the outlet to keep no foreign body, lines, fibers and other obstacles to the operation of the motor. Second, the cable bridge production line of thermal protection work should be stopped immediately after use, check the cable tray production line motor thermal protection effect of the reasons, the general thermal protection effect of the following points: 1, cable bridge production line motor overload Traction is not enough) 2, cable bridge production line motor use time is too long 3, the motor thermal protection function set down to exclude the above three possible, in order to normal use of cable tray production line. In addition, the cable bridge production line of the motor work for a long time to regularly spray lubricant, so as to ensure that the motor wear and reduce consumption, better cooling, the proposed six months on a lubricant, the use of good lubricants can greatly increase the stability of the motor Sex, the poor quality of the lubricant should be replaced and cleaned with gasoline and bearing the oil groove. And then pay attention to the use of long-term use of the motor noise, pay attention to whether the motor bearing wear has been completed, when the bearing diameter of the direction of walking down, it should immediately replace the bearing can not use the motor, and if not immediately replace the bearing May have to replace the whole motor. Finally, pay attention to the cable tray production line disassembly: If there is no need to remove the fan or the proposed first axis of the shaft out of the rotor or remove the rotor from the non-deep can be, to prevent damage to the stator winding or insulation occurs, replace the winding to remember the original Winding winding form, as well as the number of laps, etc., can not arbitrarily change the winding design method is easy to accident.

Reasonable use and daily attention, in order to make the cable tray production line longer life, the equipment produced by the greater benefits, as the proverb said: sharpening the workers do not mistake, looking for the majority of business owners, a lot of attention to daily use and maintain.

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