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Affected by steel and other prices, C steel equipment prices rose significantly

By the iron and steel, chromium and other non-ferrous metals and other industry prices rose, C-beam equipment, pressure and other cold-bending equipment, a 6-month high cost.

According to steel and other nonferrous metals industry research report shows that in September increased by 0.6 percentage points year on year, for six months since the new high, the chain rose 1%, also rose 0.1 percentage points last month, continuous growth.

According to the iron and steel industry, senior research and understanding of non-ferrous metals industry, said in the major industries, year-on-year increase in ferrous metal smelting and roll processing industry, up 2.5%; non-ferrous metal smelting and C steel equipment processing, up 2.1%; chemical raw materials Materials and chemicals manufacturing, up 1.8%; non-metallic products industry, up 0.8%. The increase in coal mining and washing industry, oil processing industry, oil and gas extraction industry, respectively, rose 0..6%, 0.4% and 0.42%.

The seven major industries affected the steel and other metal raw materials rose about 1.6 percentage points year on year, accounting for 0.82% of the total increase. It is estimated that in September 0.6% year on year increase, last year's price changes in the hikes of about 0.2 percentage points, the new price factor is about 0.29 percentage points.

Financial Research Center experts believe that the trend of steel materials by the impact of commodity prices, the recent commodity index index decreased slightly, the possibility of a substantial increase in the future, C-beam equipment cost pressure is limited. With the slowdown in investment and the ability to work to promote the demand for the demand for C-shaped steel equipment pulling effect is difficult to significantly enhance. Affected by uncertainties, the fourth quarter C-beam equipment sales may be reduced year on year.

However, due to increased production capacity and environmental protection efforts to increase the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei iron and steel, heat treatment and other forms of environmental protection in the form of grim, the relevant price will play a role in the stage of lifting, so C steel equipment prices will change significantly.

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