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Buy second-hand light steel keel machine need to pay attention to what?

Buy second-hand light steel keel machine need to pay attention to what?

A lot of light steel keel factory, because the switch or keel equipment product updates, upgrades, handling some triangular keel machine, paint keel machine and other equipment. A lot of keel dealers or keel start-up enterprises, so to write second-hand light steel keel machine has great interest and purchase intention, do not know what to pay attention to, how can we buy genuine second-hand keel machine?

Here we simply give the majority of intention to analyze the point of attention:

First of all, we look at the second-hand light steel keel machine wheel, we can use the naked eye or ruler and other auxiliary tools to measure the next wheel edge and the center line is consistent, there is no tilt or deviation. If the center line is no problem, we look at the gap between the wheel, is not great, the gap between the gap is not uniform, through this simple judgment under the overall body of the keel body is complete.

Second, we can boot detection, the machine transferred to the maximum production speed for about half an hour to see if the production of the keel is to keep a straight line, cut whether uniform. Listen to the sound of the motor is crisp, motor motor is abnormal, through this to determine whether the production of second-hand keel machine is normal.

In addition, we have to check the keel machine cabinet, whether to replace, or the original match; keel machine cutting head, whether normal, cutting blade is sharp; look at the hydraulic pump work is normal, there is no leakage Oil and so on

If you buy a suitable second-hand light steel keel machine, for the buyer must be a cost-effective thing, but everything can not be greedy, it is best to find a professional debugging service personnel to help detect second-hand keel machine to ensure that Buy the product can be assured that use. It is best to wish you second-hand light steel keel machine who can buy the original wishful equipment.

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