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Buy steel tile equipment need to pay attention to what?

Buy steel tile equipment need to pay attention to what?

Color steel tile equipment generally by the rack, roll, hydraulic equipment, cutting equipment, power transmission part and control system composed of four parts. Which roll pressure can be divided into deformation zone and forming area. Working principle: Caigang tile forming equipment, also known as roll cold forming equipment, refers to the normal working temperature conditions, a certain width of the strip or color roll through a set of horizontal arrangement of the roller, driven by the friction before the line and Step-by-step deformation, to meet the requirements of the cross-sectional shape and size of a cold-bending equipment. Color steel molding equipment processing process is generally divided into three parts: roller shaft part, pressure type, cut part. The cold bending process of the color steel plate is similar to the bending process in the process, and it is different from the rolling process. It belongs to the special production method. As the steel in the cold deformation process will increase the yield strength of steel, generally can be increased by 10% -15%, and some can be increased by 20%, so the use of this step-by-step deformation of the production of color steel tile, light weight, high strength. Color steel tile molding process shown in Figure 2-2, when the color or color plate in turn through the continuous rolling, under the action of friction, with the rotation of the roller forward, while gradually bending deformation, to obtain The required cross-sectional shape. Also in the press-type, due to extrusion, the metal will be deformed, bending the thickness of the metal thinning, thinning is generally small. The thickness of the steel plate will be considered constant before and after the press.

For people who have just touched the color steel tile machine, how to choose to buy the right color steel tile machine is very troubled. What do we have to pay attention to? The first is to produce the product is not satisfied, because the color steel tile machine in the production process is still always this or that failure. These phenomena are obviously due to the quality of the color steel tile itself. So how do we buy high-quality equipment?

First of all, in the purchase of color steel tile equipment can not just look at its price, some manufacturers relatively large manufacturers for a lot cheaper, if you want to buy cheap, it is best to assess the quality of its products. You can evaluate its wear by looking at its appearance. If you look at the appearance of light is not enough to worry about you, then you can consider some of its running status, if the boot is running a lot of noise, it shows that the quality of the equipment, but off. Do not recommend you to buy. Then you have to look at its quality, and how to study it? You can first look at its material, different materials produced by the quality of equipment, of course, is different. So in the purchase, look at its material is also very important.

Of course, color steel tile equipment after-sales service, is also very important.

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