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A light steel keel machine can produce much profit a year

How much profit can a light steel keel machine produce for a year? Many people want to invest in a light steel keel processing people want to know this problem.

A light steel keel machine can produce a year how much profit, we have to first account for the next cost, first of all the cost of a light steel keel machine, followed by site costs and labor wages, electricity costs and other operating costs, a keel Ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, one meter keel processing profit between 0.5-1 yuan, raw materials can produce about 0.5 yuan in profits, about one meter keel function 1-1.5 yuan, keel machine normal Production speed of 8-10 m / min. One hour in the 500 meters or so, about 4,000 meters a day, gross profit between 2000-4000 yuan, one month gross profit in 6-8 million, a year is 70-90 million, to remove the venue costs a year 10 Million or so, labor costs 60,000, machine depreciation costs 20,000, of course, this is fully guaranteed in the sales under the premise of the cost of accounting, we press half of the sales volume, the annual profit of 100,000 yuan is not a big problem The

Specific profit margins are based on local consumption levels, operating costs to a comprehensive accounting, can not be used as a basis.

Buy a good light steel keel machine is also very important, Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production format keel machine, pressure tile machine and other cold-bending equipment, welcome to inquire, so that our sales, technology with you to determine After the product specification model, you are doing a statistic to ensure the profitability of the keel machine.

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