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Light steel keel machine how much money one?

Light steel keel machine how much money one? This is the majority of keel machine is very much like to understand one thing.

Light steel keel machine According to the keel production requirements, their assembly standards, different prices, no special requirements of less than 10 million. If there are other production requirements, such as servo tracking, automatic punching and so on, the price is not the same natural.

The keel is made of strip steel as raw material, through the continuous cold rolling molding, the production of complex cross-section profiles (products: light steel keel, paint keel, card keel, all kinds of building profiles, steel, steel door frame, Stop, etc.) and different specifications of the cold bending, paint unit equipment, the use of PLC control.

Light steel keel, is a new type of building materials, with the development of China's modernization drive, light steel keel is widely used in hotels, terminals, bus stations, stations, playgrounds, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, old buildings Renovation, interior decoration, roof and other places. Light steel keel is a high-quality continuous hot galvanized strip as a raw material, the cold bending process from the building of the metal skeleton. It is used for decoration of non-load-bearing walls and roofs of concrete such as gypsum board, decorative gypsum board and other lightweight sheet. Suitable for a variety of building roof decoration, the building inside and outside the wall and scaffolding ceiling of the basic material. Light steel keel according to the use of hanging keel and cut keel, according to cross-section of the form of V-type, C-type, T-type, L-shaped, U-keel. Light steel keel mark the order of the order: product name, code, cross-sectional shape of the width, height, plate thickness and standard number. Such as the cross-section shape of "C" type, width of 50mm, height of 15mm, steel plate thickness of 1.5mm ceiling keel marked as: building light steel keel DC50 × 15 × 1.5 GB11981. Appearance quality light steel keel shape to be smooth, angular, cut not allowed to affect the use of burrs and deformation. Galvanized layer is not allowed to have skin, from the tumor, shedding and other defects. For corrosion, damage, dark spots, pitting and other defects, according to the provisions of the method should be tested in accordance with the provisions of Table 2-81. Appearance quality inspection, should be 0.5m away from the product under the conditions of bright lighting, visual inspection. Light steel keel surface should be galvanized rust, its double-sided galvanized: excellent products not less than 120g / m * m

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