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How much is the ordinary color steel tile machine?

How much is the ordinary color steel tile machine?

A simple understanding of the next color steel tile machine, color steel tile machine from the discharge, forming, after forming three parts of the composition . Color steel tile machine can also be called roll cold forming, that is, in a row of molding mill, contact through the metal plate and metal plate, followed by bending, the flat plate into the required shape of the plastic Roller cold forming (color steel tile machine) was used for bicycles wheels, umbrella skeleton manufacturing and so on.

Color steel tile machine debugging 1, the first color steel pressure tile machine before and after the two rows of four corners from the top of the frame to the top of the axis of the same amount of high, and then from the first row to the last row, find a straight line , Check, the next axis is in a straight line, the lower axis of the left and right sides into the level. 2, the color steel tile equipment, the first row and the last row to find a good center, and then fasten the two sides of the lock mother, in the middle of the center of the wheel before, after pulling a straight line, the upper and lower shaft clearance adjustment , You can adjust the machine straight down. 3, Caigang pressure equipment - pressure tile machine deviation of the debugging method, such as the board to the right to run, pad the left corner (feed rack), or fall on the right side of the flat (the first few axle running off the first few axle flat , The upper axis with the bottom axis drop.

How much is the ordinary color steel tile machine? The origin of the price is different, the general 10 million or less. If there are special requirements, the price will be different.

On how much money the color tile machine, you can write your specific requirements clearly, we provide you with guidance.

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