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840-900 automatic color steel tile equipment
840-900 automatic color steel tile equipment

840-900 automatic color steel tile equipment , Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of semi-automatic, automatic pressure tile machine, color steel tile equipment.

840-900 automatic color steel tile equipment main technical parameters:

Equipment specifications: 6300mmx1700mmx1700mm; equipment weight: 3.8 tons; conventional feed width of 1000mm, raw material thickness: 0.2-0.7mm; forming row number: 840 / 1050-11 row, 900 / 1080-9 row; 350H steel; plate thickness: 16-18mm; spindle: material 45 # quenched and tempered, shaft diameter 70-75mm; main motor power: 3-5.5Kw , hydraulic shear power: 3-5.5Kw ; roll mold: 45 # steel Forging, ordinary lathe roughing, CNC lathe finishing, polishing, hard chrome plated; pressure type cylinder: bore 125-130mm, travel : 80.100.120mm

Speed gear: 1: 43.1: 59 ratio: 3. 4.5 # reducer; shaft with 45 # steel, after processing shaft size diameter 60, 70,75 mm; mold wheel 45 # steel processing, Surface with hard chrome; transmission with 16A sprocket, chain drive, 4 # 3-5.5 Kw planetary cycloid reducer, smooth movement, no noise; plate link with cast steel pull plate to ensure that the machine in the roll plate Deformation of the transmission; transmission bearings using high-quality 210 high-speed double sealed bearings or Harbin and other brand bearings, maintenance-free, to extend the life of the machine; computer control system using high intelligence industrial electronic program Taiwan Taiwan Delta, Guangzhou three crystal, Japan Yaskawa, Siemens And other PLC control system, simple operation, accurate accuracy, stable performance, the length of the accuracy of less than 1 - 2mm , plate speed 8-15 m / min; raw material support frame with artificial adjustment, simple operation.

Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 840-900 automatic color steel tile equipment . We have many years of experience in designing, developing and producing color steel equipment. Our company mainly produces: Panel tamping machine series, C-beam equipment / Z-steel machine series, floor plate pressure tile machine series, glazed tile tile machine series, arch-shaped steel equipment series, high-speed railboard equipment series, cutting plate machine / bending machine series , Shutter doors molding machine series, angle Chi pressure tile machine series, composite board machine, advertising deduction board and other color steel tile equipment. Jiangsu Fengyun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. production of well-equipped, quality assurance, price concessions, after-sales service through-train, welcomed the new and old customers Advisory order, and customized according to the actual needs of users, while users provide pre-sale, after a series of technology Guidance, production, installation, commissioning, maintenance through-train service.

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