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750.780.760.840 automatic color steel tile equipment
750.780.760.840 automatic color steel tile equipment

750.780.760.840 automatic color steel tile equipment automatic color steel tile equipment

First, 840 automatic color steel tile machine main technical parameters

1 . Rolling material specifications (㎜): 1000mm x (0.3-1.0mm) xL, yield strength ≤ 250MPa

2 . Working speed: 8 ~ 12M / min

3 . Number of rolls: 14 groups

4 . Main motor power: 5.5kW

5. Hydraulic station motor power: 3kW

6 . Roller material: high quality 45 forged steel surface hard chrome plating

7 . Spindle material: the use of high-quality 45 steel finish after quenching and tempering treatment

8 . Spindle diameter: φ 70mm

9 . Hydraulic station pressure: 10 ~ 12 Mpa

10 . Cutter material: Cr12 quenching

11 . Electronic control system: the whole machine using industrial computer PLC frequency control , cut length error ≤ 2mm (PLC , inverter, touch screen are used in Taiwan Delta, Guangzhou three crystal, Japan Yaskawa, Siemens , Panasonic and other brands. Encoder used in Japan Omron. )

12 . Host Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 6800x1350x1500mm

13. Weight: 4 tons or so

Second, color steel equipment structure

YX25-210-840 pressure host by the 5T manual feeding device , transmission, forming roller and host (including the guide platform), after forming the cutting device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, finished material feeder device and so on.

Three, 750.780.760.840 automatic color steel tile equipment Production process

1. Charge (the color steel coil into the internal support type load frame support) 2. into the board calibration (through the feed-oriented platform will be properly imported into the molding plate ) 3. roll forming 4. cut off after molding 5 The finished goods are out of the board

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