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Color steel tile machine
Color steel tile machine

Color steel tile equipment , also known as color steel tile machine, color steel tile machine from the discharge, forming, post-forming cutting process , the production of color plate appearance of beautiful, uniform paint, high strength, durable, used in industry And with civil buildings, such as factories, warehouses, stadiums, exhibition halls, special buildings, large-span steel structure of the roof, walls and interior and exterior decoration , with light, high strength, rich color, convenient construction, Rain, long life, maintenance-free features, has been widely applied.

Color steel pressure tile machine its components include: Caigang pressure tile machine 整机, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, automatic after the shear system . Make the automation system more successful. Caigang pressure tile machine billet work procedures: mold installation and host test with the above, and then open the air compressor, vacuum pump, extruder, cutting machine, discharge machine pressure machine, color steel tile and tile Machine, parking, first stop the extruder, and then rest to the rest of the equipment.

Color steel pressure machine has many parameters to set, set with the text screen. The parameter setting has two kinds of equipment parameter and user parameter setting. Equipment parameters are: single pulse length, overshoot, pressure type, pressure type time, cutter time and so on. User parameters are: number of sheets, length, first section, distal, pitch, section number and so on. Pressure gear machine must use high pulse input function, high number of input performance, select AB anti-interference ability. And with the value of interrupt function to ensure accuracy.

Color steel tile equipment, color steel tile machine process:

Uncoated - oriented feed - roll forming - cut off - pallet discharge

The main technical parameters:

Equipment specifications : 6200mmx1600mmx1200mm

Equipment weight: about 3.5 tons

Feed width is 1000-1250mm , raw material thickness: 0.2-0.8mm

Number of rows: 840 / 1050-11 row, 900 / 1080-9 row

Large frame: 300H steel, strong and solid

Medium plate thickness: 16mm

Spindle: material 45 #, shaft diameter 70mm

Pig motor power: 3Kw , hydraulic shear power: 3Kw

Roll mold: 45 # steel forgings for ordinary lathe rough machining, CNC lathe finishing, polishing, hard chrome plated

Pressure type cylinder: Bore diameter 125mm , stroke : 100mm

Reducer: planetary cycloid, 1 : 59 ratio, 4 # reducer

Shaft with 45 # steel, after processing shaft size diameter 70mm , mold wheel with 45 # steel processing, the surface hard chrome plating

Transmission with 6 points sprocket, chain drive, 4 # 3Kw planetary cycloid reducer, smooth movement, no noise

In the plate link using cast steel plate, to ensure that the machine in the roll plate does not occur when the deformation

Transmission bearings with high-quality 210 high-speed double sealed bearings, maintenance-free, to extend the machine operating life

Computer control system using high intelligence industrial electronic programmer Taiwan Delta PLC control system, simple operation, accurate accuracy, stable performance, length accuracy of less than 2mm , plate speed 8-10 m / min

The material support frame adopts the artificial adjustment type, the operation is simple.

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