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Automatic palletizing machine
Automatic palletizing machine

Automatic palletizing machine manufacturer, automatic palletizing machine is the carton that has been loaded into the container, according to certain arrangement on the tray, pallets (wood, plastic), the automatic stacking, stacking multi-layer, and then introduced, Easy to forklift to warehouse storage. Has been widely used in medicine, food, beverages, oil, spices, chemical products, electronic products, such as packaging line. The device uses PLC + touch screen control, to achieve intelligent operation and management, simple, easy to master. Can greatly reduce the labor force and reduce labor intensity.

Automatic palletizing machine is the conveyor conveyor bag, carton or other packaging materials in accordance with the requirements of the customer process requirements of the automatic stacking of stacking, and the material will be transported to the stack of equipment. Chinese name stacker machine name Palletizer , origin Suzhou use product stacking control form PLC + touch screen control features intelligent operation management, simple, easy to grasp the role of reducing labor force to reduce labor intensity. Medium and low palletizer can meet the production needs of low production. According to the requirements of the grouping methods and layers, to complete the bag, plastic blocks, boxes and other products of the palletizing. The optimized design makes the stacks tight and tidy. The main control components, including programmable controllers, variable frequency speed controller, proximity switches, pushbutton switches and terminals, are of first-class products to ensure the reliability and long life of the system hardware. High-quality hardware and expert control designed by the combination of specialized software to achieve a high degree of automation system. Perfect safety interlock mechanism that protects equipment and operators. Graphic display Touch screen makes palletizer simple, easy to diagnose, and easy maintenance and maintenance.

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